Chris Wight

Chris Wight recently finished shooting the independent feature Dreamelia for producer Lucy Gillespie (Unicornland), and can be seen starring in Marc Taurisano’s debut feature film, The Motion of the Sun, now making its way through the festival circuit. He has also appeared in the short film Character Assassins opposite Academy Award nominee June Squibb, and in Amy Staats’ LA Comedy Shorts Fest-winning Mary & Louise, among other film and television performances. Over the past year, he has been working with Everyday Inferno Theatre Company as part of Access Theater's 2016-2017 Residency Program supporting the exploration, creation, and development of Regina Robbins' new theatrical adaptation of Nella Larsen's Harlem-Renaissance-era novel, Quicksand; he also recently appeared in Mariah MacCarthy's new play The Last Maserati in Monstertown for Youngblood.

Focused on the creation of new work, Chris is an Artist Member of The Ensemble Studio Theatre and 'Friend' of Flux Theatre Ensemble; there and elsewhere he's appeared in premiers, new translations and workshops of scripts by Tennessee Williams (in the premier of Spring Storm with Peter Sarsgaard), David Ives (in the NY premier of Lives of the Saints directed by John Rando), David Lindsay Abaire (in Crazy Eights opposite Rosie Perez), Jon Marans (in Connie's Wrath with Julie Halston), John Augustine (In Fathers Day opposite Cathy Curtin), Brian Pracht (in UnPlugged In with Michael Urie), Neil Cuthbert (in The Soft Touch with Dominic Chianese), Keller Easterling (in Backtalk with Lynn Cohen), Cherie Vogelstein (in 36DD with Judy Gold), Lucy Thurber, Václav Havel, Cassandra Medley, Loring Mandell, Jen Silverman, Eric Dufault, Rachel Bonds, Robert Simonson, Liz Duffy Adams, Sheri Wilner, Kathleen McGhee-Anderson, Arthur Giron, Jeffrey Sweet, David Zelnick, Adam Szymkowicz, Cheryl L. Davis, Julie Selbo, Egon Tobiáš and many other acclaimed writers.

He has composed scores for short films and original music for various productions, including among those he's performed with voice, guitar, bass, keys, washtub, banjo, blues harp, virtual turntables and various improvised instruments.